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Your website is a reflection of your business in the digital world. Do you want to appear professional, modern, and full of life? We can make that happen at a price your business can afford.
Custom Design


New UX/UI design trends emerge every day, and websites quickly become outdated. Team Milk Street can provide all the latest design best practices to your website and give your business a modern and professional presence in the digital world. We have a mobile-first philosophy when we develop new sites, and we always keep one thing in mind - your website needs to generate new customers for your business!

Ongoing Management


A successful website can never be, "set it and forget it". In addition to keeping your site fresh with new content like blogs and videos, the "back-end" of your website needs regular attention. Software and security standards change, and if you ignore any software or plugin updates, your website can become vulnerable to malicious attack. All of our websites are monitored daily and updated on a regular basis.
Domain / Hosting Support


When managing website projects, you need to understand how domains, hosting and Wordpress work together. Milk Street has extensive experience handling the IT-related activities that are necessary to the process. And whether we work in partnership with your existing staff or service provider or take it off your plate completely, we will ensure a smooth running environment for your website.


Modern websites are no longer "online brochures". They have to be fast, responsive and optimized for search engines. Most of all, they need to have a clear purpose and a strategy to keep your sales pipeline full. A Milk Street website always includes the following features:


Over 50% of all internet browsing is done on a mobile device. We employ the most up to date best practices when it comes to mobile responsiveness so that your website will look awesome on every screen, in every size, and on every browser. Not only do we think about how it will look, but how your visitors interact with your site on all the various devices they may use. This user experience and interaction are top priorities during design and development.


When it comes to managing your site's content such as blogs or news updates, Wordpress is the standard. Team Milk Street is comprised of Wordpress experts that understand how to optimize the installation process so that your site runs seamlessly. We have extensive experience managing Wordpress sites and can train your staff how to keep your website up to date with fresh content.


It's imperative to automate the marketing process to create cost-reducing efficiencies. Milk Street can integrate your website with many other business information platforms such as CRMs (Salesforce), email marketing (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.), external e-commerce systems, as well as social media. It's imperative to automate the marketing process to create cost-reducing efficiencies, and to do that your business systems must be able to easily exchange information.


In today's world, content is still "king". As content marketing specialists, we will help you craft a visual message for your brand that speaks relevantly to your audience while keeping Google in mind. In addition to a keyword focused blogging strategy, we'll make sure that all photos, images, and videos residing on your website are formatted and tagged properly. This will result in more potential customers visiting our website.


Working in tandem with your content marketing is your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. On Milk Street, we ensure all best practices are employed. Starting with a solid keyword strategy, we then implement that into all facets of your website so that potential customers can find you when they search online. And we keep up on all the latest trends and advancements in this ever-changing marketing channel.


In many cases, marketing is a numbers game. There's no point in marketing at all if you don't create benchmarks and gauge activity. We install Google Analytics on every site we develop. Whether we provide metrics on identified key performance indicators or more advanced analytical data, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions about the direction of your online marketing activities.

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We build clean, responsive websites that are easily found by your customers when searching online. Our clientele ranges from small to medium-sized business, schools as well as non-profit organizations. Below are examples of our work.
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If your project requires more advanced features or customizations, we can provide a website proposal that is engineered to meet your specific needs. Milk Street also offers more comprehensive branding and marketing services for small business, schools, and non-profits.